Sunday, May 6, 2012

New in the Flower Basket Series from Wild Rose Press

I'm excited to join the Flower Basket series with my latest novella "Painting the Roses Red," due to be released Tuesday, May 15 from The Wild Rose Press. Here's a preview:
To support her struggling family, Lacie Collins slaves as the under-appreciated personal assistant to the spoiled Mavis Reddington. Lacie doesn't mind the hard work as long as it allows her to stand on her own two feet. Then Mavis's brother, the charming, compassionate Dr. Alden Llewellyn, arrives for a visit. He's the sort of man she could come to depend on — and nothing scares Lacie more.
Alden admires Lacie's integrity and dedication to her family. He wants to help her make a better life for them — a life he can share. Her refusal to trust him is like a slap in the face. Alden doesn't know how to break down the walls around Lacie's heart, but he's not about to back down from the challenge.

Too stunned to reply, she blinked hard to make sure she wasn’t seeing things. Finally, Lacie decided Alden and her car really were there, both parked in front of her house. She stepped off the porch and cautiously advanced. Her foggy brain managed to produce the query, “What are you doing here?”
“I couldn’t sleep.” He shrugged. “So I got up early and looked at your car.”
“You fixed it?” Should she be glad for his help or irritated because he was here again after he’d agreed to stay away?
“I’d like to say ‘yes.’ I used to be pretty good at tinkering with cars, but I don’t have time for that particular hobby any more.”
“If you didn’t fix the car, how did you get it here?” Lacie stopped, still several steps away. That was close enough, she decided.
A crooked little grin appeared on his face and her heart skipped a beat. Irritated, Lacie decided. She was very irritated with him. At least that’s what her head told her.
“Lucky for you, Mavis’s chauffeur also likes to get up early,” Alden replied. “You just needed new spark plugs and a few other adjustments. Did you realize you left the key in the ignition?”
She hadn’t but chose to ignore that question. “So my car is fixed! How can I thank you?”
“Let me take you out for breakfast.”
Lacie’s delight faded. “Alden, remember what you said last night about staying away?” His cute little grin widened into a mischievous smile.
“Nope, I’ve completely forgotten everything I said last night.”

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