Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Romance

I love winter. I know it's not a favorite with most people because of the cold and maybe also because winter is often associated with death. But to me, winter is magical. Tiny snowflakes come together to create fluffy white blankets that transform the landscape. Frost sparkles from tree branches and adds glitter to rooftops and windowpanes. I find the cold invigorating. For a few minutes. Then I like winter best as viewed from an easy chair with a mug of tea or cocoa and a good book.

One of my favorite fairy tales is the winter-themed Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson. It was the inspiration for Snow Blind, published by White Rose Publishing.

A woman scarred by the past... Spurred by obligation, Robin Spencer drives through blizzard conditions to find the one person she never wanted to see again: Shale Anderson. When her trip turns deadly, Robin's only hope is to trust this man who broke her heart. But can she, when he's more like the dark, reclusive hero in the graphic novels he creates than the caring Shale she once knew? A man in need of forgiveness... Shale Andersen is poison. When the only woman he's ever loved shows upon his doorstep, he'll do anything to send her away. If he doesn't, he will end up ruining her life, or worse, killing her-just like every other woman who's ever gotten close to him. A danger so complete, it threatens to consume them both... Robin's only chance at happiness lies in acceptance. Shale's only chance at freedom lies in forgiveness. Can they weather the storm and begin their lives anew, or will someone with a thirst for revenge destroy their future?

Other winter-themed romances from White Rose Publishing include:

Snow Kissed by Cindy K. Green
Today is one of those days Logan Reilly wished he'd stayed in bed. Not only does he have to deal with the annoying Winter Wonderland Carnival but his close friend, that whimsical lover of snow, Holly Armstrong, is leaving town forever. The question is, why didn't she tell him and why today, of all days, does he realize she might be more than a friend? Holly can no longer stay in town knowing the man she loves only sees her as a friend. It's time to move on. Besides, she has other career prospects. As the carnival unfolds, watch God work in amazing ways. Can He change Holly's mind and make her stay? Can He help Logan see beyond the friendship? Only time can tell.

Winter Madness by Pamela S. Thibodeaux
Sienna has survived what most succumb to--the death of a spouse and child--and she has maintained her faith despite her troubles. William has never met anyone who actually lived out what they say they believe. Is it true love between the faithful optimist and broody pessimist or simply winter madness?
Hyacinths in Winter by Nicola Beaumont
Mistakes forged in the past create a steely present for Maggie Carpenter, but when her mother dies, and Maggie returns to her home town, she rediscovers her desire for true happiness and a life with the only man she's ever loved. But will forgiveness be easy to find and accept, or will her sins taint her future forever?

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