Monday, December 5, 2011

White Rose Publishing Holiday Specials

  • December 6th-- TODAY ONLY: Purchase the eBook edition of Nick and Noelle for only $1
“What I want,” the pastor stated “is for you two to learn how to get along. Separately you both have much to offer the church. Together – you’re a disaster waiting to happen.”

Nick and Noelle have been in competition against each other from their Christmas day births to their present adulthood. After their rivalry causes chaos at a youth group event, Pastor Thorn assigns Nick and Noelle the task of decorating the church for Christmas. Can Nick and Noelle cooperate?

Will they end up killing each other – or maybe kissing each other? 

  • December 16th-- DOWNLOAD our Twelfth Night Devotional FREE.

  • December 18th-- TODAY ONLY: Purchase the eBook edition of The Cactus are Lowing FREE

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