Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow Blind - Coming soon from White Rose Publishing

Cover Artist Kimberlee Mendoza
Robin Spencer and Shale Andersen had grown up together.  Both endured suffering brought on by the "sins of their fathers." Both had been rescued and raised by Shale's grandmother. Shortly after graduating from art school, Shale abandoned his grandmother and his fledgling romance with Robin, to follow Allison Winter, an agent who promised him fame and fortune as a graphic novelist. More than seven years later, Robin searches out the now successful but reclusive Shale to convince him to come home and make peace with his dying grandmother.  She is shocked to find him living in a dilapidated guest house on the Winters' summer estate. Why does he stay there now that Allison is deceased and why do Allison's sister and husband seem to blame Shale for her death? And why does Shale treat her so strangely? One minute he's telling her she shouldn't have come and the next he's kissing her. Trapped at the estate by a blinding snow storm, Robin does her best to unravel these mysteries and convince Shale to return with her.  But the cost for learning the truth may be her life.

Snow Blind was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Snow Queen.  Like the hero in that tale, Shale's view of the world has been distorted and he is tricked into following a beautiful and mysterious but cold woman into inprisonment and enslavement.  Like The Snow Queen's heroine, Robin must endure great peril to break the spell and rescue her true love.